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About us

In this new era, we believe that video is the best way of expression, since everyone has the opportunity to share great stories and make their voice heard from around the world; regardless of their race, skin color or economic status. This is why at Zookap we focus on offering the best user experence.

Zookap is a place where users are free to upload, share and promote their contents at absolutely no cost. We aim to make the world a better place by emphasizing the following values

  1. Freedom of speech
  2. We strongly believe that everyone has the right to share their ideas and foster open dialogue; which would create eventually new possibilities and make the world a better place to live.

  3. Right to access information anywhere at anytime
  4. We strongly believe that easy access to information is vital for everyone; in fact video is a powerful tool for education, increasing self confidence by building knowledge and understanding.

  5. Share your feelings through communities
  6. We strongly believe that video could help us breaking down barriers and frontiers that restrain the international community from united.

  7. Learn and contribute in a common goal to the advancement of our society
  8. We strongly believe that everyone should be able to join and built community of supports.

  9. Promote your videos
  10. We strongly believe people should be able to advertise and promote their business, increasing wealth and new opportunities.

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