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Hip Hop is one of the national music genres of the United States. It is widely listened and very popular worldwide.

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Rhythm and Blues, often shortened to R&B, is a variety of popular African-American music created during the 1940s.

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Kompa is a national music genre of Haiti from nowadays back to 1950's.Weber Sicot and Nemours Jean Baptiste, were both credited as the pioneers who gave birth to this genre.

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Reggaeton is a music genre which has its roots in Latin and Caribbean music. After its mainstream revelation in 2004, it spreads to North American, European, Asian and African audiences.

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Hip Hop Kreyol better known as Rap Kreyol has his roots back to 1980' s in the Haitian music repertoire; it is pioneered by Georges Lys Herard AKA Master Dji (May 30, 1961 - May 21, 1994), It is strongly influenced by American hip Hop

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Originated from Jamaica during the late 1960's Reggae music continues to spread around the world and is credited as one of the most types of popular Jamaican rhythm and dance music.

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Zouk is originating from the Caribbean, more precisely from Guadeloupe and Martinique; it becomes very popular in the late 1980's with Jacob Desvarieux and his band Kassav.

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Racine or Rasin music is a genre which has its roots in the Haitian culture; its popularity is growing worldwide.

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Carnival commonly called Mardi gras is a well known event around the world. Enjoy the beauty of it from the Caribbean, Brazil and more.

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